3 P31 Aperitif + 3 Bitter


3 P31 Aperitif + 3 Bitter

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Promo with 3 bottles of P31 Green Aperitif, 3 bottles of P31 Green Bitter and free shipping.


P31, the Italian Green Aperitif: over 20 selected medicinal and aromatic herbs, to which the fresh notes of Absinthe are linked. The aperitif that can be enjoyed fresh on its own with the addition of Seltz alone or mixed, as a basic ingredient, with Prosecco bubbles to give life to the innovative P31 Green Spritz.

​ 299 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione The sweetness of Chamomile, Linden, Sweet Orange and Vanilla, the spicy notes of Cloves, Ginger and Cinnamon, the freshness of Coriander, Marjoram and Absinthe, combined with the strong taste of Rhubarb, Tamarind and Gentian blend in a symphony of taste in the new P31 Aperitif Green.

Green Bitter with a stronger taste and higher alcohol content, but always based on 31 highly selected herbs and essences with a prevalence of bittering.
Perfect for the most refined mixology and to recreate a unique tasting experience.

Unique, balanced and persistent aroma. Pleasant on the palate, with hints of bittering herbs, among which the notes of centaury, cinchona, rhubarb, absinthe, gentian and ireos stand out.

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