P31 Green Aperitif

In the lands of the Ancient Republic of Venice, home of the Spritz, P31 was born, a LIGHT LOW ALCOHOL CONTENT aperitif produced from the infusion of selected aromatic herbs.

Main herbal extracts and essences present:

Bitter orange, sweet orange, mandarin, cinnamon, centaury, cinchona succirubra, brown chiretta, coriander, cloves, gentle absinthe, Roman wormwood, chamomile, gentian, rhubarb, vanilla, ginger, marjoram, quassio, tamarind, lime.

Chemical-physical characteristics:

Ingredients: water, sugar, P31 aperitif aroma, alcohol. Alcohol content: 11%

Organoleptic characteristics

Appearance bright green clear liquid.

Perfume typical scents of the herbs and essences present in the extract.

Unique Aroma with sensations of bitter herbs and essences and sweet and bitter orange.

Inimitable Flavor of harmoniously balanced herbal infusions and essences.

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