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P31 Green Aperitif, the basic ingredient of P31 Green Spritz, was designed tenaciously pursuing the objective of wanting to create a green aperitif that expresses its originality in a perfect combination of naturalnesstaste and colour.

P31 was born in the Caffè Pedrocchi of Padua: different types of customers of the historic café tested the recipe for two years, which ultimately also received the approval of the Venetian gondoliers, traditional spritz drinkers. The launch of P31 Aperitivo Green to the public took place in 2017.

The name P31 represents the sources of inspiration and its recipe. The letter P represents the dutiful tribute to the prestigious café where it was created, but is also linked to the famous Venetian merchant Marco Polo, a man symbol of that territory where herbs and spices were imported from distant continents  and exotic fruits, many of which can be found among the 31 natural ingredients of the secret recipe of P31 Aperitivo Green.


The green color of P31 distinguishes it from that of traditional spritzes prepared as long drinks in Venice and Padua, but its preparation faithfully follows the original recipe, which sees Prosecco and soda (seltzer) mixed with a correction usually represented by a bitter. The addition of P31 Aperitivo Green, which combines the transgressive green color with an intense and long flavour, innovates the spritz ritual for an "aperitif time" that re-invents the way of drinking according to current natural and green trends.

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