P31 was born in 2017 but its history began a few years earlier, in 2015. After two years spent in research and product testing, that have also seen ancient Venetian gondoliers, right there in the home of the Spritz. Two years spent developing the recipe that today makes P31 Aperitivo Green a perfect combination of naturalness and taste.
P in honour of the historic Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua, the place where P31 was created. 31 as the number of natural ingredients that make up the secret recipe and as the year in which the Café padovano was opened in the 19th century.











P31 Aperitivo Green contains over twenty medicinal herbs carefully selected from faraway places and arrived in Venice centuries ago, walking along the ancient Silk Road; these medicinal herbs are linked to the fresh notes of absinthe, rhubarb, ginger, chamomile and cloves.


P31, the first Italian ``Aperitivo Green``, was born in the heart of the Ancient Republic of Venice. P31 Aperitivo Green embraces tradition with modern freshness; its moderate alcohol content allows an ideal combination to get Green Spritz.
Ideal to taste ``On the rocks`` even with the addition of Seltz, or in combination with the Prosecco bubbles to obtain the exclusive P31 Green Spritz: a green alternative to the traditional Spritz.